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ASWNet Admin: ASWNet professional and guest bloggers are selected carefully to write their mind, to share opinions, to debate issues and to share their reflections without the constraints of peer review and academic publishing. To become a Blogger, please submit this form together with your first Blog post.

Potential Blog Topics

  • Funding for social services
  • Social Work is politics?
  • Social Work is economics?
  • Social Work is culture?
  • Social Work is science?
  • Social Work is art?
  • Knowledge translation in Social Work – for those who generate knowledge through research, and those who use results of that research, how does this happen, what are the obstacles, are there success stories to share, how does knowledge reach communities or policy makers
  • Facilitating groups in Social Work
  • Cultural relevance
  • Income generation and protection
  • Social protection systems
  • Indigenising Social Work
  • How to topics
    • How to approach communities
    • How to gain trust of street people
  • Things you need to know topics

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Blogging the African way…we Africans have always heard stories – around fire places, work parties, cultural events and courts. Now it is our turn to tell stories through our fingers, we type our stories. And read other people’s stories. Storytelling is in us.

Africans tell stories. They are narrators The African Blogger is a story teller. We provide you with an opportunity to tell stories.