Egypt’s history of social work and social services

The history of social work in Egypt shares a lot in common with other countries. The history can be conceptualized from six stages. From the Pharaohs to the post-Arab spring era, you can read more about the stages in the development of social services and social work in Egypt here. Badran said “American programs and objectives were heavily imported, with minor adaptations. All through (the) stages, social work efforts were primarily concerned with reforming the individual, whereas the problem lay within the social institutions. The social work curriculum was a replica of the American schools with major emphasis on psycho-analytically-oriented casework. Graduates were not equipped for the real needs of society (1971, p. 32). Community development should be emphasized, and other methods should be refashioned to meet the needs of the developing country” (p. 33). There is more to this history, including decolonisation, preventive social work, spirituality and Islamic social work promoted by Professor El Nasr, a key figure in the development of social work in Egypt.

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