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ASWNet Database of Literature Reviews

Have you done a literature review and wishes to register it with us? This review could be independent work or could be part of a dissertation, thesis, long essay or research project by students (honours, masters, graduate or PhD/Doctorate), academics or practitioners. This is important because your work becomes a citable publication. Besides, you can still publish your full research including the review. You also help the research community by ensuring that they do not repeat what is already known. A registered review can be updated regularly to ensure that the evidence is current. To register your review it must have the following characteristics:

  • Follows guidelines provided in the ASWNet Guide
  • Has a title and key words
  • The period covered by the review is clearly stated
  • Review questions are clear
  • Literature that was reviewed is all described and cited
  • Conclusions are clear

After submitting the review, you get a review number that you could use to reference your work and to quote your work when you have updated it.

Use the form below to register your review.