African academics play an important role of teaching, tutoring, developing subjects, writing, marking, assessing, supervising, field visits, governance and community engagement. They are the mothers and fathers of social work in Africa. As a network, we provide the following services and resources.

Lecture Resources

Use the button above or this link to locate lecture slides, notes and other documents.

Book Publishing

These are our current calls for book chapters. Further details from our book publishing page.


Theories are like these century-old roots, they help the trunk and everything else. If you replace these roots, the rest will not stand. In citrus farming, an orange tree branch can be grafted onto a lemon tree and thrives only in certain conditions, if those conditions disappear, the tree will not give oranges but lemons. Learn more about African theories of social work here.

Guide to Writing in Journals

On this page you will find guidelines to publishing in the Journal of Development Administration (JDA) and the African Journal of Social Work (AJSW).

Academics Honorary Program (AHP)

This program attaches or adjuncts academics with other universities. This is a largely online program but we continuously explore opportunities for physical opportunities. This arrangement has advantages of allowing knowledge transfer. It also ensures that African academics who are teaching outside their countries or outside Africa have an opportunity contribute to Africa. An academic can be honored or adjunct for a semester/session, year, a number of years or for life. These appointments are different from Visiting positions but are the same as Adjunct positions. The opportunities that we seek are:

  • Honorary Tutor
  • Honorary Fellow 
  • Honorary Research Fellow
  • Honorary Lecturer
  • Honorary Senior
  • Honorary Associate Professor
  • Honorary Professor
  • Honorary Full/Distinguished Professor
  • Honorary Fieldwork Educator 

Publisher/Journal Checker

The ASWNet checks if the publisher or journal you intent to publish in meets our quality criteria. You help us achieve this by responding to a few questions.We will then come back to you with a result, ranked from 0-10. the application form is available here.

Review of Social Work Program Documents

This is a free service that we provide. Request this service through our email.