Academics Honorary Program (AHP)

This exchange program attaches or adjuncts academics with other universities. This is a largely online program but we continuously explore opportunities for physical opportunities. This arrangement has advantages of allowing knowledge transfer. It also ensures that African academics who are teaching outside their countries or outside Africa have an opportunity contribute to Africa. An academic can be honored or adjunct for a semester/session, year, a number of years or for life. These appointments are different from Visiting positions but are the same as Adjunct positions. The opportunities that we seek are:

  • Honorary Tutor
  • Honorary Fellow
  • Honorary Research Fellow
  • Honorary Lecturer
  • Honorary Senior
  • Honorary Associate Professor
  • Honorary Professor
  • Honorary Full/Distinguished Professor
  • Honorary Fieldwork Educator

Potential benefits for placement to the academic include:

  • access to institutional libraries
  • use of university title and affiliation
  • business cards and university badges, if available
  • university email signature, if available
  • university letterhead, if required
  • university research funds, where applicable
  • can be appointed as a Visitor (Visiting Fellow, Tutor, Lecturer, Professor), where available
  • research partnerships
  • university certificate

Potential responsibilities of the academic include:

  • giving guest lectures
  • supervision – Honors, Masters, Master of Philosophy, Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy
  • attending graduation ceremonies, where feasible
  • fieldwork supervision
  • university, subject or program committee
  • create research opportunities
  • mentorship

There are several things that are considered before appointing someone. These include expertise in the subject, contribution to the university, program/course or subject. Their expertise in the field and their standing in the community. This also includes their research.

Benefits to the university include:

  • access to expertise for lectures, supervision, fieldwork education and research
  • access to retired senior academics
  • training and mentorship for your staff
  • knowledge transfer across countries and beyond
  • access to industry expertise which is good for work integrated learning