Kuumba (Mentoring)

Kuumba (mentoring) means transferring knowledge and skills to muumbwi (mentee), usually younger that the muumbi (mentor) in a manner that is appropriate and acceptable to a cultural, natural or artificial setting (ASWNet, 2021). This definition is from Fundi, The African Dictionary of Social Work available here: https://africasocialwork.net/fundi-the-african-dictionary-of-social-work/

Mentoring the African way

Our mentoring services are for students or upcoming social workers who will work with established senior social workers. The mentor and mentee/s establish a mentoring relationship that allows the mentee/s to grow professionally and to be confident in their practice. We use the Ubuntu mentoring model. The elements of this model are:

  • Critical mentoring, a commitment to Africanism and decolonization.
  • As much as possible, we promote organic mentoring, mentoring relationships grow naturally, on their own
  • Continuum of mentoring: we build on the past and contribute to the anticipated future because mentoring is not a once-off thing
  • Family and community focused
  • Group mentoring
  • Peer mentoring

We offer student and career mentoring.

Student mentoring

This program is for students who are enrolled in a social work program in their final year.

Career mentoring

To qualify, you should have qualified as a social worker in the last 5 years. You will work with an experienced social worker.

How is mentoring done?

In total, you will do group or individual online (but also face to face where possible) meetings as follows:

  1. First meeting to get to know each other and developing a mutual agreement (mentoring plan can be developed at this stage).
  2. Second meeting to share information about the social work industry and workplaces and to develop a mentoring plan.
  3. Third meeting to develop a Career Plans and or CPD plans.
  4. Fourth meeting to work on applications for jobs or promotion applications.
  5. A fifth meeting, most likely in the second year, to review progress.

At this moment, only mentors can register interest.

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