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History of Social Work Book

ISBN : 978-1-77920-449-3

EAN: 9781779204493


History of African Social Work

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About this book and potential chapter topics

The history of social work in Africa has not been adequately documented. The ASW presents an opportunity for social workers from African countries to document how social services, social welfare, social work and social development evolved in their countries. Having this history document is an important step in decolonizing the profession and making it more authentic.

The book covers:

  • Types of social services and social welfare that existed before present day professional social work
  • How social services, welfare and social work education and training developed in your country
  • History of social work institutions and associations in your country and their roles
  • Social work regulation (if available)
  • An overview of social development services in your country and the current involvement or position of social work
  • Biography of people who contributed to development of social services, social welfare, social work and social development
  • Other relevant topics

Ubuntu Social Work Book

ISBN: 978-1-77920-450-9

EAN: 9781779204509

Text book


Coming soon

This is a textbook of social work for use for first year level but may also be applicable at other levels depending on curriculum structure. Areas to covered include Introduction to Social Work; Philosophical Foundations of African Social Work; History of African Social Services and Social Work; Understanding African Social Challenges; Knowledge Base/Sources; Introduction to Research; Indigenous Social Work; Process of Social Work; Domains, Principles, Methods and Ethics/Values of African Social Work; Methods; Principles; Community Work; Rural Development; Development Work, Social Development, Understanding Society, Understanding Individuals, Family Work, Social Welfare, Political Social Work, Fieldwork, Fields of Practice and Teaching and Learning Social Work.

Textbook 2 and 3 will be published in December 2022 and June 2023 respectively. These will cover second year to final year level social work subjects.

The books utilise ubuntu in two ways (1) theoretically and (2) pedagogically. This means that authors’ theoretical framework includes one or more of the several ubuntu frameworks, and their teaching and learning philosophy or strategy in the textbook chapter is ubuntu inspired.

Due date
Revised chapters submissionOngoing
Publishing of book onlinePostponed to June 2022
Publishing of print versionJune 2022

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