Join our Network

We welcome new Networkers. To be admitted into our Network, you should have a social work qualification. Please use the form below. As a social networker, you will contribute to the work of ASWNet in a number of ways:

  • Join the Africa Independent Ethics Committee (AIEC) as a committee member. Use this link to apply.
  • Being interviewed (text, audio or video) on a selected social work topic or experience or writing a biography. You can view previous interviews and biographies here.
  • Contribute to the history of social services, welfare and social work of your country (book chapter or web content). Examples โ€“ Egypt Zimbabwe South Africa
  • Become a blogger (use this link to submit your first blog, we will then help you create your blog account on the ASWNet website).
  • Write Expert Papers, Guidance Papers, Current Evidence Summaries, Expert Interviews, Novel Conclusions, Factual Pieces, Narratives, Opinion Piece or Experiential Pieces. More details about this publication available here.
  • Contribute to the African Journal of Social Work or the Journal of Social Development as an author or reviewer.
  • If you are looking for African COVID-19 publications, use this link.
  • Contribute to Kuumba, our mentoring program.