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We welcome new Networkers. To be admitted into our Network, you should have a social work qualification or in other cases, a development qualification or experience in social developmental work. Please use the form below. As a member, you will benefit and contribute to the work of ASWNet in a number of ways:

  • As a member, you can cite your ASWNet membership on your profile, email signature/footer, CV or other documents.
  • You can use or attach the logo of the ASWNet available below as evidence of your membership.
  • Use services of the Africa Independent Ethics Committee (AIEC) free of charge.
  • Being interviewed (text, audio or video) on a selected social work topic or experience or writing a biography. You can view previous interviews and biographies here.
  • Contribute to the history of social services, welfare and social work of your country (book chapter or web content). Examples โ€“ Egypt Zimbabwe South Africa
  • Become a blogger (use this link to submit your first blog, we will then help you create your blog account on the ASWNet website).
  • Write Expert Papers, Guidance Papers, Current Evidence Summaries, Expert Interviews, Novel Conclusions, Factual Pieces, Narratives, Opinion Piece or Experiential Pieces. More details about this publication available here.
  • Contribute to the African Journal of Social Work or the Journal of Social Development as an author or reviewer.
  • If you are looking for African COVID-19 publications, use this link.
  • Participate in Kuumba, our mentoring program.
Members can copy or download this logo for use.
Members can copy or download this logo for use.
Members can copy or download this logo for use witht he words ‘I am a member of…’ or ‘Member of..’.
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