Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The ASWNet provides opportunities for continuous professional development (CPD). CPD is self-led knowledge enrichment by social workers who are already qualified. The ASWNet provides knowledge resources and activities, and helps you plan for your CPD and to evaluate it. CPD is measured in hours of learning (HoL). We recommend a minimum of 12 hours of learning each year for a social worker. Use the button above to get more information or use this link.

Conclusions Africa: Publishing of Expert Papers, Guidance Papers, Current Evidence Summaries, Cases, Expert Interviews or Novel Conclusions

Are you an expert in an area of African society? Do you want to share your expertise or that of your organization on a certain topic? Do you want to provide expert guidance to students, practitioners, organizations, government or researchers? You have come to the right place, please provide your details and the information that forms your piece below. If accepted, you will be asked to submit a photo to accompany your publication. The publications are reviewed and published in Conclusions Africa, an academic publication. They are published as Expert Papers, Guidance Papers, Current Evidence Summaries, Cases, Expert Interviews or Novel Conclusions.


Each month, beginning January 2021, we ask Social Workers who are impacting Africa to nominate themselves or others or to accept nominations from the public for the award of African Social Worker of the Month. Twelve Social Workers of the Month will be selected by the Selection Panel. The finalists will qualify for election to African Social worker of the Year through a public vote. Details available here: African Social Worker Awards.


Our professional and guest bloggers are selected carefully to write their mind, to share opinions, to debate issues and to share their reflections without the constraints of peer review and academic publishing. Use this link to get details about how to become a Blogger for us.