COVID-19 Figures

We collect information from different sources and calculate the following indices:

  • African infections and deaths
  • Global infections and deaths

You can see the latest figures here. The final figures that we report on our website are estimates based on (1) records from at least 3 major institutions (2) our estimate of underreporting. Underestimation has been reported in African studies, for example, by Lawrence Mwananyanda with colleagues from University of Zambia, University Teaching Hospital Lusaka and Boston University who concluded that “Contrary to expectations, CV19+ deaths were common in Lusaka. The majority occurred in the community where testing capacity is lacking. Yet few who died at facilities were tested, despite presenting with typical symptoms of CV19. Therefore, CV19 cases were under reported because testing was rarely done, not because CV19 was rare. If our data are generalizable, the impact of CV19 in Africa has been vastly underestimated”.

COVID-19 Resources

Below are some resources:

  1. Special journal issue on COVID published by the African Journal of Social Work (AJSW) available here:
  2. Underreporting of COVID-19 cases in Africa by Lawrence Mwananyanda and colleagues fUniversity of Zambia, University Teaching Hospital Lusaka and Boston University
  3. WHO Africa Region COVID-19 information
  4. Africa CDC – COVID-19 resources
  5. Finding the Balance: Public Health and Social Measures in Zambia
  6. COVID-19 Social Media Support Kit
  7. Africa’s response to COVID-19 (Ihekweazu, C., Agogo, E. Africa’s response to COVID-19. BMC Med 18, 151 (2020))