Expert Papers, Guidance Papers and Novel Conclusions

Research Summary Opportunity for Students – We are giving bachelors, masters and PhD students who are new to publishing an opportunity to publish in Conclusions Africa. We want to give them an easy start to publishing. How does this work?
The student will be asked to identify a research publication (journal article, report or presentation) and summarise it in no more than 800 words. The summary will be reviewed and then published on the website. The student will get a web link to share with others. To submit use the form at the bottom or email

This publication is for you if you are new to publishing or do not have time to write a full research article. You might be a student, expert, practitioner or researcher. You can summarise a piece of existing research, your own research, experience, guidance, case or opinion. The publications are reviewed and published in Conclusions Africa, an academic publication. They are published as Expert Papers, Guidance Papers, Current Evidence Summaries, Expert Interviews, Novel Conclusions, Factual Pieces, Narratives, Opinion Piece or Experiential Pieces. Maximum length is 1000 words.


Use the form below to submit or email a word document to The form can be used for all types of articles submitted to Conclusions Africa.