Book_Professional Social Work in Zimbabwe

A new book titled Professional Social Work in Zimbabwe: Past, Present and Future was put together in 2020 and published in 2021. It is themed around decolonising social work. A lot has been said about the decolonisation of the social work profession though little has been done in most African countries to start the process. It is our strong belief that the process begins in the lecture room where students are imparted with the right knowledge which empowers them to deal with local problems using local approaches. This book which covers several social work aspects is intended to assist social work students in Zimbabwe to understand selected issues in social work. It prepares students to have an appreciation of the history of the profession in Zimbabwe, social work regulation as well as several fields of social work practice ranging from medical social work, child welfare, refugee welfare, social work research, disability issues and environmental social work practice. This text book is the first of its kinds to address basic social work issues in Zimbabwe. Social work students have been relying on foreign authored books and journal articles. Though it does not cover all the critical issues, it is a step in the right direction.  

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