Journal of Development Administration (JDA)

ISSN (Print): 2218 4899 ISSN (Online) 2788-8169

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Journal Policy

The journal publishes papers that advance development initiatives. The journal is people centred because the IDA believes in people centric approaches to development. This is development with a human face. The IDA believes that by putting people at the centre of development, practitioners in this exciting field are able to take people out of poverty. This bottom approach to understanding poverty, planning against it and implementing poverty reduction strategies is seen as the only recipe for communities which still suffer the dangers brought by poverty. 

The Journal considers articles from a wide variety of interest areas and from a wide spectrum of disciplines. The editor works with an editorial team from across the globe derived from development sectors mainly in the social sciences. Specific areas covered include but are not limited to development management; resource mobilisation and fundraising; inclusive development; sustainable development; disability and development; gender and development; poverty; sustainable development; social services and development; human development; HIV/AIDS; child development; counselling; rural development; governance; disaster management; agriculture and livelihoods; and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

The Journal contains peer reviewed articles in the form of original reports, research summaries (including dissertations), book reviews, literature review articles, think pieces, reports of work and original frameworks. Other forms of papers may be published at the discretion of the Editor.

The JDA uses a double blind peer review process.